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How to Deal with Stumbling Blocks

by Ramesha Nani In almost every piece of music there is at least one passage that challenges our vocal skill (and sometimes our patience, too!). Many singers believe that by just repeating the song over and over, they will eventually overcome the difficulty and be able to sing it flawlessly. Unfortunately, that’s almost never true! […]

Sing the Blues Away

What is happening in the world today?? While I don’t pay much attention to the news or watch TV, I feel a growing sense of fear and anxiety sweeping the world. My family in Europe tells me that this feeling is even more tangible there. Current attitudes and events make world brotherhood seem more and […]

Don’t Just Sing, Inspire!

by Ramesha Nani I can tell a good movie by how uplifted I feel afterward. With really good movies, the feeling of upliftment and expansion can last for hours, or even days. Lincoln was such a movie for me. I saw it at the Grove Theater in Los Angeles. I was struck by the fact that, […]

When Less Is More

by Ramesha Nani Last Saturday I went to Sacramento with my wife and some friends to see a live performance of Beethoven’s monumental Ninth Symphonie. If you don’t know Beethoven’s Ninth, it’s considered one of the major masterpieces of classical music. Beethoven composed it toward the end of his life and personally conducted the premiere […]

High Notes Are Not Hard!

by Ramesha Nani One of the main goals of every singer is to extend their vocal range. Too many singers, alas, pursue this goal by straining and eventually ruining their voice. This is partly due to the many bad examples that can be found among the so called “professional” singers, as well as misinformation found […]

That Pesky “eee” Sound

by Ramesha Nani A problem that plagues many vocalists is finding the correct placement for the vowel “eee”, especially when singing in the upper range. What makes “eee” such a tricky one? In order to say “eee” the back of the tongue has to be lifted close to touching the roof of the mouth. This […]

The Voice of Confidence And Trust

by Ramesha Nani What gives confidence to your presentations and talks? And what makes your audience feel that they can trust you? There can be many factors: your content, your knowledge of the topic, your personality, your magnetism and charisma, etc. All of the above have one common denominator: time. It takes your audience some […]

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