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Release the Voice Inside

Release the Voice Inside! by Ramesha Nani One of the most common vocal issues that speakers run into is the habit of speaking in a lower range than what is natural. This creates problems, such as vocal fatigue and hoarseness. It also makes the voice sound harsh and strained, conveying a sense of discomfort and […]

Everybody Has a Voice!

by Ramesha Nani In 2007 I was hired as a music teacher at a spiritually-oriented, alternative college. I enjoyed teaching there; the class was small – around ten students – and they all seemed special people to me. They were exceptionally centered and wise, especially for their age. My assignment was twofold: teach them about […]

Voice Can Affect a Presidential Canditate’s Success

Yep! The voice IS your primary tool of communication… Voters tend to prefer politicians with deeper voices, according to an analysis that political scientist Casey Klofstad conducted of the 2012 election for the House of Representatives. He says deeper voices might be perceived as a sign of strength and competence, helping candidates win the seat. Susan […]

Projecting vs. Pushing

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working with our choir on Christmas music. The Christmas concert is one of the highlights of Holiday Season here at Ananda Village where we live, and a lot of energy and many hours of rehearsal go into it. This is also the only concert throughout the year […]

Turn On Your Voice Amplifier!

Have you ever tried to cover the hole of a guitar’s sounding board and then play it? Did you notice what happens? The sound, usually resonant and rich, becomes thin and barely audible. This exactly describes what happens to speakers who haven’t learned to use their natural “voice amplifiers”: their voice sounds thin and weak, […]

Why Does My Voice Get Hoarse?

“My voice gets tired and hoarse when speaking for long periods of time and/or to a large audience.” This is probably the most common vocal issue public speakers who have untrained voices run into. Why? It takes real vocal endurance to speak to large groups of people for extended periods of time. Think about what […]

Do You Like the Sound of Your Voice?

“I don’t like the sound of my voice, especially on a recording” This is a very common complaint. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who, after listening to their recorded voice for the first time, said “Wow, what a great voice I have!” Listening even to one of your own voice messages can be a […]

Increasing Your Vocal Range

by Ramesha Nani People often ask me how they can increase the range of their voice. While range can be worked on and increased, it’s actually more a matter of discovering the range inherent in each individual voice. All that is necessary is to learn how to access that range. Our voice has two main […]

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