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The Importance of Vocal Training for Speaking

Your voice is your primary communication tool, and yet, the most overlooked by public speakers! In this video I talk about the importance of vocal training for speaking and the various ways a well trained voice contributes to your success as a speaker. ►FREE Online Mini Course for Speakers What holds you back as a speaker? […]

How to Develop Good Pitch

While vocal training is essential to develop good pitch, there are other important factors that are often overlooked. In this video we’re going to explore them together. Enjoy! –Ramesha Ready to Take Your Next Step? Sign Up for My FREE Singing Mini Course and learn the fundamentals of singing technique in just a few, easy […]

The Importance of Vocal Training

Sometimes people ask me why they should train their voice, when all they want to do is “express their feelings through music.” In this video I answer this question and offer a bigger picture about what the role of a performing singer can (and should) be. Enjoy! –Ramesha Ready to Take Your Next Step? Sign […]

Are You Trying Too Hard?

by Ramesha Nani A few years ago I read a quote from a great musician and composer of the 18th century whose name escapes me. He said “Those who don’t do too much, aren’t doing enough.” Even though I couldn’t figure out why, I remember feeling that he was wrong. Too much is simply too […]

How to Boost Your Chest Voice and Why

by Ramesha Nani Incorrect use of the low rang is one of the most common issues that I run into in working with singers. Most women resist singing in their chest voice and tend to sing everything in their head voice. I believe this is because it’s easier and the quality of the tone is […]

Let Music Talk to You

by Ramesha Nani Are you familiar with Star Wars? It’s a series of seven sci-fi movies that tell the story of a small band of heroes (the archetypal good guys) fighting against a huge army led by an evil emperor on a campaign to conquer and rule the galaxy. The first three movies that were […]

Become a Singing Athlete!

by Ramesha Nani Let me start with a confession: I don’t practice my vocal exercises as much as I should! I know I can always rely on my years of training to handle any small performance in which I’m involved. HOWEVER, when preparing for a major performance, I have to adopt a different strategy. I […]

Expand Your Throat – Open Your Heart

by Ramesha Nani Have you ever tried to play a string instrument such as the guitar, while covering the hole in the sounding board? The tone becomes soft and weak: no resonance, no richness, just a dry and uninteresting sound. Similarly, when you sing with your heart closed, your singing will lack resonant heart qualities […]

Neutralizing Stage Fright

December 2016 by Ramesha Nani I started performing when I was only five years old. My mother gave me a toy guitar that I used it to “accompany” myself singing all the songs I knew. One day it was announced that a local singer was giving a concert for the elderly people in the small […]

 A Community of Voices

by Ramesha Nani Music has a power. It changes those who listen to it and those who sing and play it. J. D. Walters, an American composer, said “Music is so much more than entertainment. It doesn’t merely reflect a state of consciousness: It also generates it.” I experience the truth of this statement every […]

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