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Decemebr 2016: Neutralizing Stage Fright
October 2016: “A Community of Voices”
August 2016: “How to Deal with Stumbling Blocks”
July 2016: “Sing the Blues Away”
June 2016: “Don’t Just Sing, Inspire!”
May 2016: “When Less Is More
April 2016: “High Notes Are Not Hard!”
March 2016: “That Pesky “eee” Sound”
February 2016: “Singing Changes Your Brain”
January 2016: “Everybody Has a Voice!”


December 2015: “Projecting vs. Pushing”
November 2015: “Open Your Mouth!”
October 2015: “Sing Soft and Speak Loud!”


July 2012: Juky 2012: Expand Your Throat – Open Your Heart (Part 2)
May 2012: Expand Your Throat – Open Your Heart (Part 1)
March 2012: “More Is Not (Always) Better”
February 2012: “Singing Is Good For You!”
January 2012: “Health Benefits of Singing”


December 2011: “Your Warm-up Routine”
November 2011: “Who Is Really Singing?”
October 2011: “Improving Your Pitch (Part II)”
September 2011: “Improving Your Pitch (Part I)”
July 2011: “Singing As a Tool For Inspiration (Part III)”
June 2011: “Singing As a Tool For Inspiration (Part II)”
May 2011: “Singing As a Tool For Inspiration (Part I)”
April 2011: “Can I Sing With a Cold?”
March 2011: “Vocal Curiosities (Part II)
February 2011: “How To Cure a ‘Breathy’ Voice”
January 2011: “Vocal Curiosities (Part I)


December 2010: “When Singing Touches Your Heart”
November 2010: Preparing for a Live Performance (2)
October 2010: Preparing for a Live Performance (1)
September 2010: “Quality Vs. Quantity”
August 2010: “Voice Registers”
July 2010: “Breathing”
June 2010: “Greatest Results with the Least Effort


How To Sing Softly


Exercise To Develop A Full Voice


Singing For Busy People


Falsetto Vs. Head Voice


Do You Have A Full Voice?


Singing Master Class – Portland, January 2012


Singing From The Heart


Let’s Warm-Up Together


Vocal Workout


What Is The Difference Between Falsetto and Head Voice?


Vocal Warm-Up


Let’s Get In Good Vocal Shape!


Shifting Registers


Vocal Agility


Expanding Your Range


How To Make Your Voice Smooth (Part 2)


Singing With Inspiration


How To Make Your Voice Smooth


Improve Your Sound With Long Tones


Accessing the High Range


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