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June 2010

Greatest Results with the Least Effort

It’s an interesting fact that when babies are born they’re able to use their voice correctly. They can (definitely!) be heard from afar; they cry with their mouth wide open, the tongue flat and relaxed; they automatically use their vocal apparatus correctly.

So, what happens when we grow up? Bad habits, physical and emotional tension, or simple laziness, cause us to use our voice unnaturally. We start to believe that in order to produce a loud sound, we have to push our voice.

Another interesting fact, however, is that the more you push your voice when you sing, the more it loses the ability to be heard from a distance. It might sound louder to you, but that’s only because, instead of projecting out to the farthest listener in the room, the sound waves come to a stop near you!

So what to do?

Instead of trying to be loud, relax your throat and sing more softly. Pronouncing the vowels as clearly as you can will help you place your voice correctly and create a fuller sound. If you don’t pronounce the vowels clearly enough your sound will be “breathy”. Good placement is what makes your voice clearly audible from afar, whereas pushing your voice only puts your vocal cords under useless (and potentially harmful) stress. You can compare pushing the voice to turning up the volume of a radio that’s not perfectly tuned to a radio station, hoping to get rid of the static. It won’t work. First, get rid of the static by tuning the radio to the station and then you can turn up the volume.

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