June 2011 | Vocal Bliss

June 2011

Singing As a Tool For Inspiration  (Part 2)

By Fabio Ramesha Nani

So, how can we learn to sing with inspiration? And what kind of “inspiration” are we talking about?

​First of all, let’s analyze why popular songs are, in fact, so popular. Most songs out there talk about human emotions: love, jealousy, sadness, happiness, sense of betrayal, anger, etc.

​Now, what happens when we hear a song that we like? The song awakens a certain feeling or emotion inside, something that makes us resonate with it on a deeper level. Hopefully the emotion is, at least, positive, like love or happiness. We may feel happy while we listen to the song, or maybe even cry if it’s sad or somehow moving.

​In most cases though, when we are moved by a song, it is because of the feelings it awakens in us: maybe it brings us back to when we were young, or when our first love ended, and so on. But what happens afterwards? Usually, we experience a sense of emptiness, as if the energy that the song stirred within us was suddenly taken away.

​The reason we feel this way is that the song itself couldn’t give the emotional charge a clear direction. The energy was stirred up, emotions and memories reawakened, but then? What are we going to do with them? It’s like spending hours cooking a delicious meal, then letting it sit on the kitchen counter without eating it.

​In order for music to be deeply satisfying it must not only awaken feelings, even negative ones, but also be able to direct them to a higher level of consciousness, where even negative feelings can be transformed into something beneficial. Albert Einstein said that problems can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them. Similarly, music can’t help us transcend sad or negative emotions and find the gift within every experience if it stays on the same level of consciousness as those emotions.

​How do we raise a song we’re singing to a higher level of consciousness? We have to change our mental attitude while we sing it. If we’re only concerned about impressing people with our glorious voice, we’re only singing from our ego, and our singing will resonate with the audience’s egos only, without really touching their hearts and changing their consciousness.

​But if we change our own level of consciousness and strive to sing from our higher Self, by tapping into the Infinite Source of all inspiration, instead of relying on our limited ego, something wonderful will happen: a great river of joy and power will flow through us as we sing, giving every note and every word more depth and meaning. It’s as if a psychic door inside us slams open and a stream of consciousness rushes in and then out to the audience, touching deeply those who are receptive and changing them, uplifting them, healing them.

​This can happen only when you get out of the way and consciously allow this higher Power to flow through you.

​In the next Newsletter we’ll talk about tools that you can use to enter that flow.

(To be continued)




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