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May 2011

Singing As a Tool For Inspiration  (Part 1)

By Fabio Ramesha Nani

Many singers believe, consciously or unconsciously, that the purpose for developing a flawless vocal technique is to be able to show off their voice. If that were truly the case, people would be automatically drawn to those singers who can sing the loudest, the highest, with perfect diction, perfect pitch, etc.…but it’s not so.

​ What we’re really seeking in a singer – and from music in general – is inspiration. We want something real, genuine, something that touches our hearts, changes our lives, that has the power to lift us out of a funky mood, and help us transcend our problems; in a word, we want to feel happier.

​Can a singer do that? Can someone really expect this much from you, as a singer?

​It depends on your intention, on where you’re singing from. If your only desire is to show what a good singer you are, your singing will be effective primarily on a superficial, emotional level. You’ll be emphasizing the instrument, and not the consciousness behind it. It’s like admiring the hammer, saw, and screwdriver for the beautiful piece of furniture they were able to build!

​Yes, you might get a lot of attention, even fame, but in the long run you’ll grow tired of it. Singing in such a way can’t truly fulfill you because you aren’t nurturing your inner self, but feeding your ego.

​Della Reese, the American actress and singer, tells the story of her experience as a young upcoming singer. She was part of a show with the famous gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Della tried for many weeks to figure out what made Mahalia so popular and loved by her audience. There was nothing that Mahalia did, vocally speaking, that Della couldn’t do also. So what was the “secret”? Della finally noticed that before every show, while the rest of the crew was chatting and laughing, Mahalia would sit in prayer. Her gospel songs talked about God and Jesus, but the message was made more real and alive by the power of her attunement with the Source she was singing about…and from.

(To be continued)




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