November 2015 – Tips for Speakers | Vocal Bliss

November 2015 – Tips for Speakers

Expanding Your Vocal Range

by Ramesha Nani

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public-speaking-cartoonWhy is it important, for you as a speaker, to expand your vocal range?”

There are two main reasons why it’s important for a speaker to expand their vocal range.

First of all, monotone speaking is not just boring, it’s also irritating, and can make your audience feel subtly repelled by, rather than attracted to, you–the speaker. To be able to easily change the pitch of your voice will enliven your talk and help you establish a subtle connection with your audience, partly because you will sound like a human being, rather than a robot!

Another important reason for expanding your vocal range has to do with the mechanics of voice production. One of the main causes of vocal fatigue is the bad habit of speaking in a range that’s not the natural range of your voice. In general the tendency is to speak too low, forcing one’s voice into a low pitch that is unnatural to the vocal apparatus and puts it under constant strain. I think one reason many speakers do this is that they think a lower-pitched voice sounds more authoritative. Confidence, attention, trust, and integrity, however, are more important than authority in captivating your audience, and these qualities are better conveyed through a strong and resonant voice, instead of semi-guttural rumbling.

Here’s a simple exercise that you can do to increase your vocal range:

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