October 2015 | Vocal Bliss

October 2015

Sing Soft and Speak Loud!

Dear friends,

You may notice that today’s newsletter has a slightly different format. Lately, I’ve been working more and more with people who are interested in developing their voice for public speaking, and I thought it would be clearer and more helpful if the newsletter were divided into two distinct parts: Tips for Singers and Tips for Speakers.

But here’s an extra suggestion for singers: it wouldn’t hurt for you to also check out the Tips for Speakers section. Despite knowing how to use their singing voice, all too many singers speak with a horrible sound, using bad vocal habits.

And now…singer or speaker, here are your Tips, which I hope you will find useful. Please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts and/or feedback. Thanks!



A few months ago I published a newsletter titled Sing Like an Angel (Soft and Beautiful). In it, I explained how it’s possible to sing softly while keeping the sound full. Well, I did my best to explain in words, but realized it would be a lot clearer if I created a video showing you how to do it. So, here it is! I hope you find it helpful:



In working with speakers who are dealing with voice issues, I’ve realized that bad breathing habits rank high as one of the main causes of hoarseness and fatigue. The tendency to take short, shallow breaths using only the upper chest is so common that I’m actually surprised when I see a student breathe diaphragmatically!

This realization inspired me to create a short video demonstrating how to breathe diaphragmatically and how to increase breath support using the abdominal muscles. Correct breathing doesn’t just make it possible to take deeper breaths; it also reduces the amount of stress on the throat while speaking (or singing). Proper breath support is so important for good voice production that you really can’t speak at full volume (as needed in front of a large audience or in a large space) without it and still keep your voice healthy.



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