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If you’re looking for vocal singing lessons with a professional voice teacher who can help you build your vocal technique—step by step, with enthusiasm and dedication—from your own home, you’ve come to the right place!

This is a new approach to private singing lessons. Now you can have singing lessons on the computer without having to drive anywhere to see your voice teacher. Using skype, a good quality microphone, and a webcam you can now have online singing lessons from a professional teacher who will guide you with the same personal dedication and support as with in-person lessons.

I’ve been teaching private voice lessons via skype for over five years, and I can say without any doubt that my students experience the same level of support and personal relationship with me as they would if we were in the same room.

What You Will Gain from These Lessons:

– Improve your vocal placement and develop the ability to use your voice to its full potential, with no strain or effort

– Experience correct breathing; learn how to connect your diaphragm with your vocal apparatus

– Easily access and fully utilize your entire vocal range

– Enjoy singing with better pitch as you become more and more comfortable with your singing technique

– Release your musicality and inspiration through mastery of your vocal instrument


“Although we were initially skeptical about taking vocal lessons over the internet, Ramesha’s lessons have been amazingly effective and convenient. Within a few months, Ramesha helped our son correct some signficant vocal problems and greatly improve his breath control, vocal timbre and range. The lessons have been delightful, productive. and personal. We recommend Ramesha highly.” — M. O’M. Sacramento, CA

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