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Voice Training for Speakers

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  • If you want to speak without getting tired or hoarse

  • If you want to be a more charismatic speaker or teacher

  • If the sound of your voice on recording surprises you

  • If you want to naturally convey trust, honesty, and integrity through the quality and presence of your voice

  • If you want to learn to communicate with clarity, power, and ease

  • If you want to become more effective at sharing your message and influencing others positively

You’ve come to the right place!

When hearing a recording of themselves, speakers and teachers frequently cringe because they realize that they sound very different from what they imagined!

The voice conveys so much information about who you are. If properly trained, your voice can become a powerful instrument to convey not just words, but the energy, the ideas, and the consciousness behind the words. A strong, resonant voice is confidence-building, commands attention, conveys trust and integrity, and establishes more easily a connection with your audience.

Bad habits and age are stressful to the voice. Over the years, it tends to crack more often and to sound thinner, weaker, and more shallow. The organs that produce the voice are muscles, and like any other muscle, they need to be kept in good shape in order to work properly.

Voice training can turn a weak, thin, cracking voice into a powerful communication tool. A misplaced voice inhibits, instead of enhancing, your ability to convey effectively content and ideas. Besides making it easier and more natural to use the voice, proper vocal training develops your sound and resonance, which translates into the ability to communicate on a deeper level.

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“Ramesha makes voice classes fun, interesting, and inspiring. He is a great example of what he teaches. His voice is so resonant and uplifting.” –M. J., Seattle WA
“Ramesha can impart vocal training in an interesting and fun way, and makes everyone feel they can apply the principles and make improvements.” –K. D. Newbury OH
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